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MyPapik is a dating platform for people who know what they want. It’s a place for adults to form mature relationships with less drama and more fun!

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No more endless scrolling and swiping. MyPapik lets you create highly targeted searches, so you can pre-screen people who don’t meet your standards. MyPapik is a non-judgemental platform that lets you filter searches by age, location, gender, relationship type, sexuality, or whatever gets you excited!

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Verified users and manually moderated photos so you know you’re always talking to a real human. Don’t waste your time on bots and scammers. Show some emotion – let people know how you feel with our "Mood" feature!


We protect your privacy. Keep your personal life personal with our anonymity protection and safety features. Stay safe from online harassment. We make it easy to block or report anyone you don’t like

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We offer daily credits and rewards so you can try out our features for free. Get bonuses for referring your friends! Answering chat requests is always free, because sometimes love needs a little help ;)

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Successful man, Papik


I want to mingle with ambitious people who’ve ‘made it.’ I’m looking for someone generous with the means to treat me how I deserve to be treated

Attractive girl


I want to meet someone who sets my heart racing, is fun to be around, and makes my friends jealous. I’m looking for someone kind, who knows how to take care of my needs

About MyPapik

MyPapik started as a place for people who want fun, rational relationships to meet. It’s an adult international dating platform where you can be upfront about what you want in chat, whether it’s a Sugar Daddy or something a little kinky. We don’t judge, everyone is welcome

But we’re old romantics at heart, MyPapik is also a place you can find friendship, adventure, and even love!

Sugar babies make selfie pictures for a Sugar Daddy

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MyPapik is a dating site for adults only. Any users found to be under 18 will be removed immediately. If you encounter a user who you suspect is under 18, please report them so we can investigate

This is a dating site and not a place for promoting or selling sexual services of any kind. Any suspicious activity related to prostitution will result in an immediate ban

We don’t support the buying and selling of personal photos and videos. This is against our rules, and any user requesting money for this service will face an immediate ban

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